ANANSE: ANalysis Algorithm for Networks Specified by Enhancers

What is ANANSE?

ANANSE is a computational approach to infer enhancer-based gene regulatory networks (GRNs) and to identify key transcription factors between two GRNs. You can use it to study transcription regulation during development and differentiation, or to generate a shortlist of transcription factors for trans-differentiation experiments.

ANANSE is written in Python and comes with a command-line interface that includes the following commands:

Command Function
ananse binding predict transcription factor binding profiles
ananse network infer a gene regulatory network
ananse influence infer key transcription factors between two networks
ananse plot plot influence results in a dotplot and optionally a GRN of the Top TFs
ananse view inspect the output of ananse binding

All functionality is also available through a Python API.

ANANSE is free and open source research software. If you find it useful please cite it:


Quan Xu, Georgios Georgiou, Siebren Frölich, Maarten van der Sande, Gert Jan C Veenstra, Huiqing Zhou, Simon J van Heeringen, ANANSE: an enhancer network-based computational approach for predicting key transcription factors in cell fate determination, Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 49, Issue 14, 20 August 2021, Pages 7966–7985,

Getting started

  • Install ANANSE on Linux or Mac, see the Installation page for details.
  • Have a look at these simple examples to get a taste of what is possible.
  • Check out the command-line reference to get going with your own data.

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